LUMN8 DETEC – Video Management Platform

LUMN8 Detec is a video surveillance specialist system. Along with our software we naturally offer a range of PC-based recorders (PC-NVRs) and high-end servers. We also offer a selection of all-round IP cameras that can be used in most video surveillance applications.

Video Surveillance Features

With our intelligent video analysis technology, it will be  easy to :

  • Safeguard employees and customers
  • Prevent fraud and theft
  • Make operations more efficient
  • Find recordings quickly and easily
  • Easy to modify and expand existing installation

IP-cameras be connected with ease and rapidness, and can easily be moved to new positions when the needs are different. Furthermore, it will be easy to expand the installation with new cameras, recorders, servers and clients/monitors according to needs, and hardware investments will be protected over many years as the system typically will be further improved through software updates.


Why Video-Based Activity Analysis and Statistics?


  • Increase you understanding of customer flow in your store
  • Exploit the space of your store better
  • Adjust prices on the product placement and Digital Signage in your store
  • Find best placement for ads, commercial, products, furniture, cash registers etc.
  • Find out when personnel is needed the most , and whether your opening hour are sensible
  • Receive warning on queues and take action

A heat map displays, with the help of a colour scheme, the degree of activity within an area of the store, and you will intuitively get an overview of places with much or little traffic. The analysis of activity can be viewed live or over time (hours, days, weeks, months). You can compare time periods. This information can be used to take necessary action in the store in order to increase profitability. In order to preserve privacy on recordings, the reference images are comprised of an “average” background image within the given time-frame. Thus, moving objects will not be displayed.

Counting customers by using video based analysis means that you are setting up counter lines in the software in the camera scene, and that persons are counted each time they cross these lines. You can have different names on both directions from the same counter line, and you can also get a good idea of customer behavior in your store by setting up multiple counter lines per video camera. You can set up counter lines anywhere you want on recorded data as well. By comparing customer counting and number of actual sales from the Point-of-Sale system, you can easily see whether visits leads to sales or not. 


Why Combine Digital Signage with Video Surveillance?

  • Use the same hardware you have already invested in
  • Avoid delays and adapt advertising  material quickly on changed conditions

With Detec Next Retail PRO you can set up split screens on monitors containing URLs. This enables you to set up monitors in store for Digital Signage. With knowledge about customer flow patterns, you can plan Digital Signage accordingly. You can set up and deploy URLs centrally from headquarter or locally at each separate store. The same split pattern can be distributed to a number of clients at the same time.  With the flexible split-patterns you can set up e.g. one window with live images from an entrance camera, one window running Digital Signage videos, one window with a fixed image with a special offer and one window displaying a timeclock. With our capability of displaying URLs in our software, there are numerous possibilities of adapting communication to your customers while at the same time stating your security.


Why Point-of-Sale and Alarm System Integration?

Point-of-Sale with image information

Detec Next Retail PRO can also be used with integration towards Pointof-Sale systems. This is very handy when investigating events such as giving discounts, voids, no sale, returns & refunds, short changing and substitute scanning if losses have occurred. These search criteria can be attached to transaction ID, product serial numbers, cash register numbers and/or name of employees in any combination you want, and

the results of your search will display images of the event from nearby surveillance cameras – with images before, during and after the event if wanted.

Detec Next Retail PRO has its own alarm definitions for such “suspicious events”, which makes it even more easy and rapid to perform searches. There are multiple and very intuitive search methods, e.g. marking a timeframe on a calendar, and the result can be displayed either as an event list or in a timeline view.

Detec Next Retail PRO’s POS integration is compatible with most POS systems, and new ones can be added upon request. Set-up, programming and use of POS-functions have a very easy menu.

Alarm notification on alarms at external systems

Detec Next Retail PRO can easily be connected to other technical systems that may exist in the store, be it reverse vending machines, burglar alarms, fire alarms, theft alarms, anti-theft gate systems, access control systems etc., and alarms can be distributed to whatever client or monitor you wish. Whether it be clients normally used for viewing video surveillance images and/or monitors used for Digital Signage. By using monitors normally used for Digital Signage, these monitors can be used to direct customers, e.g. on the nearest exit.

In addition to monitors, alarms and instructions can also be sent to smart phones and tablets displaying event images, or by sending text messages or e-mails.


Why Combine All These Modules in One System?

Purchase and usage

  • Switch between surveillance video images and Digital Signage on monitors in the store
  • Reduce hardware investments and have fewer suppliers to mind about
  • A system for the future – invest in the modules you find useful, and expand the system with new modules when it suits you


Statistics and reports

By combining the different modules in Detec Retail you can extract the following information from the system:

  • Number of customers over a user-defined timeframe presented in different types of graphs
  • Comparison on number of visitors between time periods
  • Effect measurements on campaigns by looking at traffic analysis and actual sales of campaign products
  • Optimized placement of Digital Signage monitors, campaign material and products and other in-store marketing efforts in accordance with customer flow, belonging add-on products and target group
  • Get a quick overview of interesting recordings, events and alarms from a single user-interface connected to video surveillance cameras, POS system and other alarm systems

Increase stability and security by simplifying operations routines and receive reports from one single source