The Mobile Solution specially designed for the unique South African Logistics and Fleet Management sectors.  The Mobile Video Recorder utilises multiple technology network, high definition, analogue audio & video inputs uses high-speed processor and embedded operating system, patented file system 4.0 to ensure the safety and integration of important data, combining with H. 264 video compression / decompression technology, network technology and GPS locating technology. The LUMN8 Mobile Solution combines video recording and vehicle driving information, and transmits the data wirelessly to our cloud platform. With our LUMN8 central management platform, our clients can monitor alarms, manage remotely and perform playback analysis. It is powerful with modular design, flexible installation, easy maintenance and high reliability. 


  • Supports 8 channels AHD (1080P)+4 channel IPC (1080P)a
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Revolutionary anti-vibration technology for 360 degree installation
  • Supports hard disk storage and SD card for mirror recording
  • Dual streams for local recording and wireless transmission
  • Internal GPS for location tracking
  • Built-in wireless technology for live view and remote management